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Student Examination Section
Hon. Vice-chancellor

Children’s University, Gandhinagar is a unique university in its nature and establishment. The university looks after the curriculum design to create the patriotism and national spirit among the people of Bharat. The dynamic staff of Children’s University in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the UGC and State government conducts the evaluation process authentically. The higher education challenge for the university is threefold, namely expansion, inclusion and excellence-Expansion to serve the exponential demand, Inclusion for equity and access to all without compromising excellence at par.

Children’s University, Gandhinagar will carry out the evaluation process comprising ethical practices and blended with human values.

~ Dr. Harshad A. Patel

Head. Exam Branch.

At Exam Branch, Children’s University, Gandhinagar envisage the need for radical reforms in traditional examination and assessment system and are working towards evolving as a channel of good mechanism. Exam plays a crucial role in evaluation process of the students. The exam department incorporates the challenges and opportunities in the process to make a smooth procedure of the assessment.